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Mayor Wasim Akhtar Asks for Additional Funds to Fight COVID-19

In order to fight against coronavirus, Wasim Akhtar Karachi Mayor demanded from the Sindh government to provide additional funds of Rs.185 million.

He demanded these funds through a letter that he sent to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah issued by the Mayor Secretariat.

The letter stated that the money is required for pensions, POL payments, disbursement of salary, and fire risk allowance to the employees working for KMC.

Wasim Akhtar said that the revenue collection of the corporation was obstructed badly because of the virus and the lockdown.

The letter further read that it was communicated time and again regarding the shortfall in fire risk allowance, salaries, gratuity to the employees of KMC, pension, DMCs and District Council Karachi which are being met out from the own resources since several years as the release of funds on account of Octroi and Zila Tax and Grant-in-aid are short which do not fulfill the total requirement of KMC.

Wasim Akhtar said that due to the non-payment of POL bills for the month of February and March, many of the petrol pumps have stopped supplying fuel to the KMC service vehicles including spray machines and fire tenders.

According to the Mayor, the absence of funds is affecting KMC’s fire brigade employees. The fire risk allowances for the month of March and April haven’t paid over 1,000 firemen.

There has been a noticeable shortfall of Rs50.06 million in the pension payments and hence the mayor asked for more funds on an emergency basis.

The Mayor asked to provide Rs.50.06 million for pensions, Rs.488.78 million is needed for the fire allowance, Rs.30.10 million are required for the doctor’s salaries and Rs.56.20 million are needed for the outstanding POL payments.

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