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Maya Ali Undergoes Coronavirus Test After US Tour

Maya Ali

Maya Ali has undergone coronavirus test after the US tour.

The actress has got negative results for the coronavirus. Maya Ali was in the United States for a fund-raising tour for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. She has returned to Lahore 5 days back and got herself examined.

As per an Instagram post, the Teefa in Trouble star said that the process was not easy as there was a lot of stress, fear and anxiety. She also said that she was pleased with the arrangements that the airport authorities have taken regarding the screening of the passengers.

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She said that she knows it is a difficult time, not just for Pakistan but for the entire humanity. She further added that there is no vaccine that was yet found for this virus, all they could do is self-care and follow proper measures. She also said that the virus needs to be taken seriously.

Maya Ali was of the opinion that she is more worried about the people who earn on a daily basis and because of this situation, they would not be able to earn and feed themselves and their families.

She asked the government to aid and assist the one who survive on daily wages and provide them with the screening service free of cost.

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