Matter officially launches with the support of its partners

The launch event for Matter by CSA [Connectivity Standards Alliance] in Amsterdam revealed the partners as well as the offered products. Matter 1.0 specification was released last month. As of now, the partners have aligned to show their support. The event showcased the products offered by the partners. It was revealed by CSA that around 190 different products are certified or are in the process of certification.

Matter is actually an integration. It is an attempt to provide one standard for connected devices. Though, it is still in its infancy stage. Still, it has gained well given its software development kit (SDK) which received 2,500 downloads, and the specifications that account for around 4,000 downloads. The test centers of CSA are located in nine different countries to help with product certification. It is gaining popularity since companies like Google, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Signify, and others are part of it.

Amazon announced that the 30,000 words with Alexa (WWA) products are well-suited with various other protocols, including Matter. Furthermore, support will be offered for Echo and eero devices as well. While this requires some time. Around 17 Echo devices [Android] will be ready for supporting Matter by the end of the year. The rest of the devices with support for iOS will arrive sometime in 2023.

Signify stated that all WiZ products will support Matter. Philips announced its support for Matter with its Hue Bridge device. An update will be issued for the device by the firm. It will be made automatically available for download to the hardware. Nanoleaf announced four of its products that are compatible with Matter. It includes A19, GU10, a Lightstrip, and BR30 Bulbs. It mentioned that further products will be revealed by 2023 at CES.

Well, this is just the beginning. We can expect much more in the future. We are sure that things become less complicated when it comes to building customized setups.