Massive Swarm of Locusts Invade Southern Pakistan – Research Snipers

Massive Swarm of Locusts Invade Southern Pakistan

Millions of locusts have invaded Southern Pakistan. The massive swarm of locusts has threatened Pakistan’s most prized cotton crops.

If the insects are not taken care of in a timely manner it can destroy the most abundant crop in Pakistan. It will be a blow to the already struggling economy of the country.

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research said that the swarm entered Pakistan from Iran. They deployed aircraft and spray-mounted vehicles to protect around 10,000 acres of crops.

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A federal secretary at the ministry Hashim Popalzai confirmed that as of yet insects have not hit the crops.

He said, “The insects have not hit our crops so far, fortunately.”

The fragile economy of Pakistan is highly dependent on cotton crops. The textile industry of Pakistan has a mega share in the job provision. Also, it provides the largest foreign exchange.

According to a few experts this storms might have been caused by some businesses in the Arabian Peninsula that breed crickets for bird feed.

In Sudan these swarms hit back in January and in Saudi Arabia and Iran it hit in February. In Pakistan’s province Balochistan it hit back in March.