Mass Indian Students Deportation From Canada Allegedly Submitting Fake IELTS Tests

Canada has seen a surge in International students lately in which a large number of students going from India. According to the sources, there was mass Indian student deportation was seen at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

The Indian students were being reported for submitting apparently fake IELTS scores according to the authorities because they could not speak, read and write English at the educational institutions as required, earlier it was reported by The Star on December 8, that Niagara College flags concerns over the English language proficiency of the Indian students and ordered more than 400 students to retake IELTS exams.

According to The Standard, Niagara college enrolled 4100 international students last year out of which 2900 students were from India and hundreds of students were struggling to cope academically in English. The college termed it “crisis on campus”.

The report further says, “In 2016, an undercover investigation by SBS Punjabi radio journalist Shamsher Kainth found education agents selling English-language test scores for as much as $18,000. Further Niagara College received as many as 14,000 applications from India for the 2018 school year.

Vice President Academic for Niagara College Steve Hudson said the college has no means to check the credibility and legitimacy of the IELTS tests results that are conducted in another country and the college staff did not interview thousands of Punjabi students applied in 2018. Now there are so many doubts arising on the legitimacy of IELTS originating from Indian institutions, the students coming to Canada for study are not fully or even partially equipped with English language skills.

Updated: 31 December 2019: 7:00 pm GMT

However, AP News has claimed it as fake news circulating on social media. The report says there is no authenticity of the news.

Update: 1 January 2020: 11:00 am GMT

Canada Border Services Agency has also denied the authenticity of the story and marked it as a false caption and claim, the students were waiting for study permit processing actually.

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