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Maryam Nawaz’s Wikipedia Page Locked

The information source used most for searching any needed content freely on the internet—Wikipedia has locked Maryam Nawaz’s page after the “abusive edits”.

Saqib Qayyum of Wikipedia’s Help Disk informed local media that the page has been locked for a year after the “abusive edits”. He added that this is not the first time that her page has been locked, however, her page has never been locked for this long duration before.

Alterations and additions were included in which Maryam was referred to as “politician and criminal” from “Pakistani politician”. Many tried to put in terms which included the word “criminal” in her description and biography.

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Saqib told that people added the word criminal many times in the lead section and attempted to change her birth year from 1973 to 1960. He further added that the information present in the lead section comes up in the Google knowledge graph, besides the search result.

Saqib Qayyum said that attaching to the increased interest to the verdict of 6th July regarding the Avenfield Reference case Maryam Nawaz’s Wikipedia profile had been getting thousand unique hits since the start of this year. He said that they received nearly fifteen thousand unique hits just yesterday.

Yesterday, an accountability court dealing with the hearing of the Avenfield Reference against the Sharif family gave the decision and sentenced the ex-Prime Minister—Nawaz Sharif to a ten-year jail imprisonment. The court also sentenced his daughter—Maryam Nawaz for seven years. Maryam Nawaz’s husband—Muhammad Safdar was also given a jail sentence for one year.

The court further handed £8 and £2 million fines on Nawaz Sharif and his daughter respectively and instructed the properties to be forfeited in favour of the federal government.

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