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Maryam Nawaz Being Trolled Brutally for Her Tweet About A Bottle of Coke

Politicians are always in news. They are talked about and trolled. Especially when the politicians are in power and have been under a lot of scandals and affairs for multiple reasons, the trolling becomes more fun. Something of the same nature occurred with Maryam Nawaz, who is mostly lured by the ones who do not agree to her political views and approaches but this one is definitely more interesting yet entertaining for definite reasons.

Maryam Nawaz posted an image of a coke bottle on Twitter displaying her personalized label.

I would mention that this is not something out of the usual, I mean ever since Coke unveiled its personalized labelling of their bottles all of us are engaged in similar stuff, even taking selfies with the Coke bottles and all.

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However, unluckily for Maryam Nawaz, she was not ready for the brutal response that followed her tweet.

Many people referred to the latest development of the top court giving a verdict for her father Nawaz Sharif—the former Prime Minister from holding public office for the lifetime.

The trolls came flooding and they were for sure fierce.

In midst of all these brutal tweets, however, some people tried to defend her by tweeting slogans like give respect to the vote.

There were many who were trolling Maryam Nawaz for her father. People showed their complete frustration and anger via their tweets. Sadly, most people who are suffering because of the country’s social, political and economic crisis even forgot the ethical boundaries when expressing their replies.

Some people tried making use of commonly used jokes and lines these days.

While some people showed their worry for the Coca-Cola firm—specially for their marketing department.

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