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Marvel Gives Away Several Comics To Read In Quarantine

In the past decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become so rooted in the subconscious of pop culture that it is impossible to even imagine going on for more than a year without seeing a new Marvel movie in cinemas. But the scenario is more possible by the day because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, with Black Widow having already been postponed indefinitely. For a reminder, Spider-Man: Far From Home in July 2019 was the last MCU movie to hit theatres. It seems like a distant dream to be able to step into a film theatre by July 2020.

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The good news is that the company has made some of its most successful comic book story arcs free to download for the next few weeks, if you still need your fill of superhero stories, and don’t mind reading rather than watching. You can either download the Marvel Unlimited app from the App Store (if you’re on iOS) or Google Play (if you’re an Android user) to read them, or just click on the links below to read them in your browser.

The following comic arcs will be free from April 2 through May 4 on the Marvel Unlimited service:

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“Each of these extraordinary epics owe their origins to some of Marvel’s greatest comic books released in print over the years,” Marvel explains on its website. “In celebration of that tradition, Marvel has added an information page to each story with details on how to find your local comic book shop and start your very own Marvel collection of back issues and printed trades.”

If this free comic collection heightens your appetite for more, you can sign up for Marvel Unlimited and get access for $9.99 a month for more than 27,000 issues of classic and recent comics. Every week more issues are introduced, but you’ll have to wait six months or more to get the new issues available on the service.

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