Marriott Hack Included Passport Numbers & Payment Card Numbers of Customers

Earlier we told our readers about the data breach that occurred in one of the biggest and highly popular hotel chain in the world, Marriott. Hackers were able to hack personal information and data of millions of customers.

Recently in a press release, Marriott management revealed that hackers did not steal so much of data but the passport numbers of many of the Marriott customers has been stolen.

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The breach basically occurred back in 2014 in the Marriot’s Starwood hotel reservation system. It was detected after 4 years on 8th September 2018.

Initially it was said that 500 million Marriott customers lost their data but now the upper limit of affected is said to be 383 million. Almost 25.55 million passport numbers out of which 5.25 million were unencrypted and 20.3 million were encrypted got affected.

Marriott’s CEO and President Arne Sorenson issued a statement about the hack and said, “We want to provide our customers and partners with updates based on our ongoing work to address this incident as we try to understand as much as we possibly can about what happened. As we near the end of the cyber forensics and data analytics work, we will continue to work hard to address our customers’ concerns and meet the standard of excellence our customers deserve and expect from Marriott.”

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