Markets in Karachi to Open from Tomorrow for 4 Days A Week

markets in Karachi

The markets in Karachi are to open from tomorrow for 4 days a week.

Despite the expectations, the Karachi city markets did not open on Saturday. The shop shutters remained closed however there were a few people who were seen roaming on the footpaths outside their shops.

One shopkeeper said that they have only come to survey the situation today. He said that they will be opening the markets from Monday.

Another shop keeper said that they were of the opinion that it was better to open the shops from Monday to Thursday.

He said that since they are only allowing to open the shops for 4 days, they thought it is bettern to get back to work from Monday. He further added that after operating for 4 days, they will take an off of 3 days that is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday before resuming their operations on Monday.

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The shop owners urged the shoppers not to get way too excited at the idea of the markets reopening.

As per the explaination of a shop owner, according to the issued SOPs, they are only going to operate for a few hours and then they will also be keeping the shutters have closed as the customer will not be allowed to go inside the shops. He also explained that the customers will rejian outside in the defined spots on footpaths and would approach the shops one by one and hand the shop keeper the list of item they want to purchase.

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