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Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Finds Pakistan the Friendliest Country


Randi Zuckerberg the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that she found Pakistan as the friendliest country. During her one-hour lecture on the third and final day of AdAsia 2019, she revealed this.

She cited names like Malala Yousafzai and Benazir Bhutto to praise how Pak nation has produced such women of stature. She said that it means that Pakistan is a country that really honors its women. Furthermore, she said that she was surprised to know that Pakistan is one of the preferred suppliers of quality soccer balls globally.

Randi also revealed that she is a cricket fan which is also quite close to the hearts of Pakistanis.

She shared her own story as well as how she had a passion for singing growing up. She wanted to pursue that art but her parents wanted her to study at Harvard, thus she graduated from Harvard. Then after graduation, she went from California to New York to work at an advertisement agency and then settled in New York.

One fine day she got a phone call from her brother asking her to come back to Silicon Valley as he needed help in marketing. She came to California thinking to stay for a week and ultimately staying for 10 years. The passion of youngsters working there compelled her to stay.

She said, “When we started, we were a 12-member team. Today, Facebook has 102 offices with thousands of employees. As the chief marketing officer of Facebook, my budget was nothing. You have to work on a passion project, exploring it day and night.”

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She shared some interesting stories of how during the experimentations some funny inventions were also made like a colleague invented a mobile lock that locked the phone on jumping. To unlock it the person had to jump in the same way.

Then as her passion was music she also launched a live Facebook band.

She concluded, “None of us would change the world if we constantly remain glued to our phones.”

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