Mark Gruman: A Big Revamp Is Coming To Apple AirPods Lineup

Apple’s popular AirPods lineup is poised for a substantial overhaul in the near future, aiming to reposition the tech giant’s stance in the competitive wireless earbuds market. As part of the revamp, Apple is set to introduce two new versions of the base-level AirPods, transitioning the line to USB-C, which is a notable departure from the current Lightning connector used in the existing models​.

The overhauled AirPods and AirPods Max are expected to hit the shelves in 2024, with substantial changes extending to the Pro model the following year, 2025. This information aligns with a recent report from Bloomberg, which has also been corroborated by multiple tech news outlets​.

This significant revamp signifies Apple’s commitment to staying ahead in the wireless audio market by offering fresh designs and improved functionality to its users. The anticipation surrounding these changes is already stirring the tech community, as enthusiasts and critics alike await to see how these updates will fare against the competition.

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