Maritime Ministry Finalizes Blue Economy Policy


The Ministry of Maritime Affairs was congratulated by Prime Minister Imran Khan as they finalized a new innovative ‘Blue Economy’ policy. The policy aims to revive the shipping sector.

According to the Prime Minister, the new policy will help in saving essential foreign exchange of Pakistan and develop more employment opportunities for the seafarers of the country.

PM Imran Khan tweeted, “I congratulate @MaritimeGovPK for finalising a new & dynamic #BlueEconomy policy to revitalise our shipping sector, saving Pak valuable ForEX & creating more employment opportunities for our seafarers. We will ensure Pakistan fulfills its enormous maritime potential.”

The new shipping policy was announced by the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs on 7th August.

Ali Zaidi said, “Under the impact of the new shipping policy, we will soon see registration of 3-4 local shipping companies, which will also ensure job security for our seafarers.”

Earlier PM Khan said that the 2020 year would be the Year of Blue Economy in order to make the maximum output of the blue economy resources.

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On June 14th, PM Khan presided a high-level meeting on the blue economy. He said that even though Pakistan does have a huge potential in this field, the earlier governments ignored this sector.

A boost in blue economy will open jobs, promote tourism and enhance investment in the country.

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