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Mariam Aurangzeb Trash Talks Against Uber Drivers

Mariam Aurangzeb

Mariam Aurangzeb has trash talked again and it is against the Uber drivers now.

Mariam Aurangzeb—a politician belonging to PML-N gave a heated speech on Prime Minister—Imran Khan in the national assembly on Tuesday.

The speech was well prepared and well delivered with full enthusiasm. The speech received appreciation on social media, but, one thing that did not go unnoticed was her remark on Uber drivers.

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Her speech was good and amazing, but Mariam Aurangzeb gave defamatory comments about the ride-hailing services which were not acceptable. Her speech has not only left any wrong impression of Pakistan on an international chain like Uber but also had disrespected the sentiments of Uber drivers who ask for stars as their ratings as this is how they get paid.

The famous ride-hailing service Uber has drafted this business module to provide drivers with bonuses by the end of the week. As passengers usually forget to rate the driver or do not comprehend the significance of rating them, they ask the passengers to rate the hide. But, to make fun of those drivers in the National Assembly who work hard to earn a living is something unacceptable and really degrading.

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