Mansehra Police Introduces Community Service for the Traffic Violators

The police force of the Mansehra district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK) has launched a ten-day community service penalty for the careless habitual drivers. This is the first-ever reform of its kind introduced in Pakistan.

The traffic violators would have their licenses seized and would only be getting them back after fulfilling their allotted community service penalty. The penalties would be involving the tasks for public benefits while working in the government departments including the department of municipal administration, forestry, sanitation and even the traffic police department.

Inspector Jamal Zeb—Mansehra Traffic Police while conversing told the Arab News that the careless drivers would be needed to do the community service one hour daily, thus allowing them to continue with their daily life routines.

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He added that if anybody would not be willing to undertake this penalty then the individual would need to take a short driving course at the traffic police driving school, instead.

The district’s senior police officer—Syed Shahzad Nadeem Bukhari further explained that if a driver gets a traffic ticket for the tenth time, then the traffic police department has full authority to cancel the driving licence of such individual.

He informed that such drivers could work with any government department for ten days. He also mentioned that this scheme is initiated to encourage a sense of civic and public service among the citizens.

He added that such systems are being practised in many developed nations and he is also hopeful that this initiative would be causing a reduction in the number of road accidents in and around the city.

Noor Alam Khan—a KP-based lawyer is of the view that while the police have got this authority and right to cancel the driving licenses, however, the imposition of punishments is particularly the domain of the provincial assembly.

He said that if this new way of disciplining people needs to be implemented then the provincial assembly must turn it into a law and impose it in all the districts.

Bukhari, on the other hand, believed that this is unneeded and said that they have talked to the heads of various government departments and all of them have shown interest in this initiative as they require workforce. If an individual is not willing to do, one-hour social work daily for ten days then that individual could choose the option of paying four thousand rupees ($40) for taking the driving course since that is the only other way of getting the license back.

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