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Mango Export to China Might Surpass Target

mango export to China

The mango export to China is likely to go beyond the target. The export of Pakistani mangoes is anticipated to increase 10,000 tons this year, as was reported on Wednesday by Chinese media, quoting the Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan—Zhao Lijian.

The senior Chinese diplomat said on Twitter that the Pakistani mangoes are highly loved by the Chinese consumers.

It was reported that Pakistan is the fifth largest mango producing nation in the world, with an average yearly yield of 1.8 million tons. The mango varieties majorly include Sindhri and Chaunsa.

Among the mango varieties, Chaunsa mango is a fine variety of late-maturing varieties. It has got a unique aroma and its size is in between medium to large. The Sindhri mango is unique in terms of its colour and shape. Once the fruit ripens the fruit becomes bright yellow in colour and the taste is also not inferior, as per—a Chinese Edition.

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Currently, Pakistani mangoes are majorly produced in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. The season of mangoes production is mainly focused from May to early September. India is Pakistan’s biggest competitor when it comes to the mango production and export.

In present times, the export of Pakistani mangoes has increased rapidly mainly to China, the Middle East, Europe, the United States, South Korea and Australia.

In consideration of the extensive potential of the consumer market of China, Pakistan has increased its efforts to open up the Chinese mango market.

Back in 2017, the Mango Festival was jointly organized by the Pakistan Embassy, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Pakistan Horticultural Development and Export Corporation. The aim of the festival was to introduce and promote Pakistani mangoes to Chinese groups for acquiring good results.

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