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Mango Export to Begin from May 20


The mango export season would start from the 20th of May 2019 and 100,000 metric ton has been set as the export target for 2019.

The anticipated total mango production, which is known as the King of fruits in Pakistan is 1,800,000 MT this year, but owing to the severe impact of climatic changes, a 30percent decrease has been observed in the mango production leading to the expected total yield of 1,200,000 MT.

As per the estimates of All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) the damage that has occurred to the mango crops by unexpected heavy rains, severe storms and the hail storms is nearly 10percnt in the province of Sindh, and about 35percnet in Punjab. Hence, keeping all these factors into account the total yield of mango stands at nearly 120,000 ton.

Waheed Ahmed—the Patron-in-Chief of PVFA said that for achieving the export target it is domineering that besides the favourable season, support and assistance from the Quarantine department, shipping and airline firms, ANF, customs and other linked departments is impending.

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With the surge in the prices of petroleum products, the cost of local transportation and logistics have also been upscaled, while the Pak-rupee devaluation, the freight charges have also been surged by the Airlines and Shipping companies making it further tough for the exporters to remain competitive in the International markets.

In 2018, 75,000 mangoes were exported while Pakistan is expected to earn foreign exchange of US $80million by exporting 100,000 MT mango during the present season.

China and the United States of America would be the focus for an extra export volume during this year while the special mango promotion campaigns would also be done in the EU countries.

Waheed also informed that a large percentage of mango is exported by sea from Pakistan, 15percent is exported via land routes, 15percent by air and 70percent by sea. With the decrease in the frequency of flights this year from Pakistan as announced by Emirates Airline, the problems of mango exporters would further increase.

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