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Manchester Airport Humiliated Wasim Akram for Carrying Insulin

Wasim Akram—the former Pakistan Captain and Cricket Legend on Tuesday was humiliated at the Manchester airport after the authorities caught him for carrying Insulin.

Wasim Akram posted the details of how the airport officials behaved with him and he did not take proper care of his diabetes medication. Diabetes patients need to carry medication in cold cases but Akram asked to take them out and place them in a plastic bag.

The cricketer was first diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 1997 when he was the captain of the Pakistan team and at the peak of his career. He had been taking insulin injections many times a day since then.

He tweeted that very disheartened at the Manchester airport today, he traveled around the world with his insulin but never made embarrassed. He added that he felt very humiliated as was questioned rudely and was ordered publicly to take his insulin out of its travel cold-cases and dumped into a plastic bag.

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Wasim Akram was an important member of the 1992 World Cup-winning team, he has got 414 wickets on his credit in 104 Tests and 502 ODI wickets in 350 matches.

The 53-year-old cricketer was a part of the commentary team at the just-concluded World Cup in England and Wales.

Manchester Airport also promptly replied to Wasim Akram’s tweet and offered help to Wasim Akram, however, he replied back and said he will be in touch with Airport management. Several commentators and followers of Wasim Akram classed this act as a violation of rules, human rights, act of racism and unfair treatment to celebrities. People strongly condemned Manchester Airport Management.

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