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Man Won Lottery Four Times in 6 Months for More Than $6 Million

A man from California has had an unbelievable fortunate streak. He has won more than six million dollars in lottery prizes in just the span of six months.

Antulio Mazariegos bought four lottery tickets in last six months. His first big win occurred in the November of 2017 when he won a dollar one million scratchers ticket. He then took the decision to try his luck again and then again, he got lucky and won two more prizes, amounting to thousand dollars and six hundred dollars each.

When he returned those tickets in, that is when he won the biggest prize of all comprising of five million dollars in the Scratchers ticket.

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Mazariegos bought four California Black Premium Scratchers—California Lottery announced on Friday.

As per the California Lottery website, the chances of winning five million dollars from the California Black Premium Scratcher game are one in 2.4 million. The lottery’s website noticed that there were just five million dollars tickets in the complete Black Premium game countrywide.

The lucky man said that he just likes playing the game and that’s just it. He cannot pinpoint the reason which is making him fortunate every time.

Social media also received many posts regarding Mazariegos’s luck.

Indeed he is a lucky man!

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