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Man wearing a Burqa Caught in DHQ Hospital, Rawalpindi

A man who was wearing a Burqa was caught outside the labor room of District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital in Rawalpindi. He was caught by the security guards and handed over to the police. There were doubts that the man was dressed in a Burqa as he had plans to kidnap a newborn.

18-year-old Mohammad Ahsan was caught and recognized as a student of a seminary. As per the police, the parents of Ahsan were away and thus he tried on his mother’s burqa for an unknown purpose.

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The investigation officer (IO) said, “He thought he will tease and joke with women in the ward, but landed in a police lockup instead.”

Dr. Irfan Khiljee, the DHQ Hospital Deputy Medical Superintendent (DMS) said, “It may have been an attempt to kidnap newborns but he was caught by the guards.”

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When Ahsan was caught by the guards, a large number of hospital staff, patients and visitors gathered around the scene and called the police. As per police none of the women patients or staff has come up and registered a complaint of harassment by Ahsan. Still, he is captured and put behind bars by the Ganjmandi police.

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If it was all just joke to tease women, it was a bad joke by Ahsan which backfired. However, if it was not, a complete investigation must be done because after all he was outside a labour room and there are chances that his intention was to kidnap a newborn. Also, parents and hospital staff need to be warned that such activities are happening, thus, precaution is necessary.