Man dies after his friends filled his body with an air pump as a joke

A man resident of Karachi has lost his life after his friends filled his body with air through a compressed air pump at a tyre repair shop.

According to the police, the act by his friends was part of a prank and the incident happened in Baldia Town area of Karachi.

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After the ill-thought-out prank left him seriously injured, Noor Sher, 47, was rushed to the Karachi’s Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. He was declared dead by the doctors Abbasi Shaheed Hospital on the arrival.

After the incident, a team of the Karachi police reached the tyre repairing shop to investigate the whole incident. According to the police, the friends of Noor Sher inserted the compressed air pump nozzle into his body which was designed for tyres. He lost his life on the spot due to the high air pressure inside his body.

The police officials said that the friends of the deceased have managed to escape the scene following the incident of his death. Though the police believe that the incident occurred accidentally, the started searching for the suspects.

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