Man Created 8 Fake Employment Letters To Dodge Recruiter In Dubai

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The man is on trial who charged for Dh 16,000 fraud and disguising charges

Bur Dubai prosecutor Mitra Madani said, according to Khaleej Times, that the accused used eight fake documents, employment letters to the victim who believed it and paid him Dh 16,000 in return.

The victim works in a recruitment agency where accused came one day as being a manager in a technical services company and asked the victim to provide him eight candidates that he could hire to fill the positions in the company.

The victim then should him resumes of several job seekers in the database, accused selected eight of them and said the recruiter to get the details of these candidates, their passports, visas and other necessary documents in order to process employment visas for them along with the Dh 2000 visa processing fees for each candidate.

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Two days later the victim was able to complete the documents and a payment of Dh 16,000 which accused asked for in order to process the visas. Accused came to the recruitment agency along with eight forged employment letters with company seals on it.

The worker at recruitment agency then kept calling the accused which he ignored subsequently, over three months period the accused kept him going round and round and finally he switched off his phone, only them the victim realized that he was the fraudster.

During the probe, the accused admitted that he posed as a manager in a services company that belonged to his friend. His friend was working in that company who gave him forged employment letters for Dh 10,000.

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