Man Climbs Mobile Tower in Blue Area, Threatening to Commit Suicide Unless Made PM Pakistan – Video

A man climbed the mobile phone tower in Blue Area. The man threatened to kill himself unless he was made the Prime Minister of Pakistan. According to the new reports, the man demanded the government to make him the Prime Minister of Pakistan so that he can solve the issues faced by Pakistan.

He was holding the Pakistan flag atop the tower. However, the rescuers were able to persuade him to climb down from the tower. Cranes and rescuers were dispatched by the relevant authorities to make sure that the man is successfully rescued.

As of yet, nobody knows the identity of the man. But we do know that he belonged from Sargodha. He said that he can improve the economic situation of Pakistan and within 6 months he would be able to repay all the debts, thus he should be made the PM Pakistan. Even though he has been rescued now using a lifter and with the help of the police, he said that he will just speak to either the DPO Sargodha or the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Now he is taken to the police station.

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Here is a video

Whether the whole scene created by this man was to seek attention, attract the media or get noticed is too early to say. But hopefully more details will be revealed on this matter soon.

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