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Man Buries His Dead Father in a Brand New BMW Car

Image via Twitter

You must have seen Coffins made up of expensive wood costing thousands of dollars but the with brand new BMW coffin goes viral on social media as it costs around £66000 ($88000).

A Nigerian man has recently been reported to bury his father in a brand new BMW worth £66,000 instead of an ordinary wooden coffin.

The man was identified as ‘Azubuike’ allegedly had promised his father to buy him a luxury car one day, before he could fulfil his promise his father, unfortunately, died in the village of Ihiala, Nigeria where he was spending his last moments.

But the man was quite determined to fulfil his promise he made to his father, he went to a car showroom and bought a brand new BMW for his father during the funeral, Daily Mail reported.

A picture taken during the funeral shows upscale BMW car being directed down into the grave, a huge grave was dug to fit BMW in, the picture goes viral on social media, pallbearers are directing the ‘BMW coffin’ down the grave.

Many commented on social media that it’s not the love its waste of money and stupidity that Azubuike has shown. Some Sallied that BMW has a strong navigation system built-in; it would help him find the way to heaven.

Many social media users bashed the person who did this saying that “it’s just a show of nothing else, he should have bought a car for him when he was alive, now what is the point burying him with the car”, another user said, “This is the thing which keeps black people poor.”

This is not the first time and one of a kind incident, in 2015, a billionaire in Nigeria buried his mother with a brand new Hummer and during the same year, a man was buried with his favourite car in China.