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Man Allows Wife to Marry Her Lover, Now the Trio Lives Together

An Indian man permitted his wife to marry her lover just six days following their marriage and now the trio lives happily together.

On the 4th of March, a twenty-eight-year-old—Basudep Tappo who lives in the village of Pamara in Odisha wedded with a lady of twenty-four years from Jharsunguda.

As per The Times of India, all was going well for the first six days of the marriage until one cousin of the girl decided to pay the new couple a visit.

Tappo welcomed the cousin into his house, but, other villagers when learnt that a stranger was residing in the home of the newlywedded woman they descended upon the house and spanked the cousin.

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Subsequently, the woman made a confession that the cousin was actually her lover to whom her family has disapproved and denied, despite her pleas and protests to the family they forced her into marrying to Tappo.

The two of them then made this decision to carry on with their relationship secretly.

When Tappo learnt about the whole thing he allowed his wife to marry her lover and now the three of them then live together.

Hesitantly, both the families of the lady and Tappo agreed to this and a second marriage arrangement was made.

Tappo said that three lives would have been destroyed if he had not gone for this option. He added that this was the only possible solution and now all three of us can be happy.

Sanibari Tappo—Tappo’s mother applauded at the wisdom of her son, saying that her son made the best possible decision under the provided circumstances.

The woman said that their lives would have been a lot complex if this solution had not been reached. She added that they will never forget this contribution.

The head of Pamara Village—Gajendra Bagh said that when they learnt about the decision of Basudep, they knew that the decision was the best one under the situation. Hence, the complete village came forward to support his wife’s second marriage.

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