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Malir River overflows again causes closure of the Korangi Crossing Road

Malir River

Yesterday night, the Malir River overflowed and flooded the Korangi Crossing Road therefore the road has been closed once again for the traffic.

The local authorities have obstructed the road for all kinds of traffic as the road was sunken under knee-deep water said the Police.

The roads coming from Qayomabad and Mehmoodabad to Korangi have been blocked for the traffic and that traffic is going to be diverted towards Brookes, Bilal Chowrangi, and Jam Sadiq Bridge.   

As per the local authorities, the water level in the Malir Stream increased due to the rain showers on Monday.

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Previously, the last spell of monsoon rain also rose the water level in the Malir River which swept away the filter wall of the Malir Spillway.

The flooding caused a threat to the industrial area in Korangi and also to the population living there. But the administration managed to control the situation.

The Korangi Road was closed earlier as well by the traffic police due to the increasing water level in the Malir River.

When the water level decreased, many bikes were recovered from the Korangi Crossing Road.

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