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Malik Riaz Gifts Home to A Rickshaw Driver—Who Wrote 14 Books

Malik Riaz—the Chairman of Pakistan’s biggest real estate development firm—Bahria Town has made an announcement to gift a home to a rickshaw driver who is also the author of fourteen books.

Fiaz Mahi—who was a classmate of the Minister for Water and Power—Abid Sher Ali—has been living his life in difficult circumstances. He is a rickshaw driver and by it, he earns the bread and butter for his family.

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami—famous journalist and analyst in his popular program—Nukta-e-Nazar appealed to the Chairman Bahria Town to help this poor talented guy.

As per the details, Mahi has written fourteen books and lives in a rented house.

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He said that there is not enough space in his home to accommodate all his family members to sleep under one roof.

He mentioned that he had spent sixteen years of his life playing cricket with Abid Sher Ali, however, the Minister of Water and Power took no notice of his miseries and difficulties.

Soon after the request of Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Malik Riaz took an action and announced to give Fiaz Mahi a home where he could live happily with his family.

Previously, Malik Riaz has narrated his life-changing experience for the youth who were disappointed in or with their lives, adding that difficulties are what that makes a man stronger.

The Bahria Town Chairman informed in his message that his mentor told him that everyone who desires to acquire greatness has to go through tough times, no big names are made without experiencing some kind of distress in their lives.

Problems and difficulties are like profits for the world leaders, creators and developers.

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