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Maldives to Open the First Ever Undersea Hotel

For the ones who always want to get a good and proper view from their hotel rooms during their holiday season seems to be in luck, as the Maldives has just got every such person covered by announcing a luxury hotel residence undersea in the Indian Ocean which would be opened soon, thus making it the first hotel of its kind across the globe.

Maldives is already a very famous holiday destination for many people throughout the world, by the making of this underwater hotel residence at one of its luxury hotels—Conrad Maldives Rangali Island it seems that Maldives is all set to take the tourism game to a whole new level.

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There had been many other nations providing underwater luxury rooms, but they all are built under man-made aquariums. The upcoming project in Maldives would be providing an even real experience to the visitors as they would be staying in a villa built under the deep sea with an exclusive and real view of the marine life and environment.

The two-floor villa is also provided with facilities like an infinity pool, a gym and an ocean facing bathtub.

As per Architectural Digest, this year later in November the luxury residence—The Muraka would be welcoming its very first guests. The estimated price per night of the underwater hotel residence is $50,000.

The general manager of the hotel said that they are excited to present the unique style of the Muraka hotel providing the undersea experience to the future guests, thus providing an entirely new perspective of the Maldives seascape.

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