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Malaysian PM Stands by Kashmir Comments Despite India’s Boycott of Products

Malaysian PM

Malaysian PM stands by his Kashmir comments despite the boycott of Malaysian products by India.

Malaysian PM—Mahathir Mohammad on Tuesday said that he would not be retracting his criticism on the actions of New Delhi in Occupied Kashmir despite the Indian traders asking for an unprecedented boycott of the Malaysian palm oil.

Mahathir described it as a trade war between the second-biggest producer of the world and the exporter of the item and its biggest buyer so far in 2020.

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On Monday the top vegetable oil trade body asked its members to stop making use of the Malaysian palm oil after Mahathir said at the UN General Assembly last month that India had “invaded and occupied” Kashmir.

The Indian PM—Narendra Modi and his government on the 5th of August stripped the territory of Occupied Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status and imposed a ban and a communications blackout.

Mahathir told reporters outside parliament that they speak their minds, and that they don’t retract or change. He said that what they said was that they all should follow the resolutions of the UN. Otherwise, what was the point of the UN.

Mahathir said that Malaysia would be studying the impact of the boycott called by the Mumbai-based Solvent Extractors Association of India and look at ways for addressing the problem.

New Delhi has so far denied commenting on the trade spat.

The exports of Malaysia to India were nearly $10.8 billion in the financial year that ended on the 31st of March, while the imports totaled $6.4 billion, as per the data of the Indian government.

India was the third-largest export destination in 2018 for palm oil and palm-based products costing $1.63 billion.

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