Malaysian Mosque Banned Tourists after Vulgar Dance Video Goes Viral

Tourists have been banned in a Malaysian Mosque after a vulgar dance video of two female went viral. Two foreigners of East Asian appearance danced in skimpy shorts and tops outside a mosque in Kota Kinabalu city. The foreigners were filmed, the video went viral online and thus the authorities took action.

Local Muslims and residents were furious by the suggestive moves of the two women. A witness of the event said, “Why don’t they just fall off the wall?”

Mosque chairman Jamal Sakaran said that it is “the unacceptable behavior by foreign tourists” thus tourists are temporarily banned to visit the Mosque.

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Jamal said, “We opened our doors to visitors because we want to introduce and let the people know the beauty of Islam, but such action has tarnished the image of our religion. On a normal day, the mosque received between 500 and 1,000 vi­sitors and the management provided special tour guides, robes, baju kurung, headscarves and ­kopiah for them.

Adding, “But there were still some who do not show respect. Our immediate action is to close the mosque to visitors. All express buses, Grab cars and taxis are not allowed to bring ­tourists into the compound or park their vehicles in the area.”

He also said, “We will hold a discussion with tourism players to prevent such incidents.”

The women nationality is of yet unclear. Authorities want to track the female down to explain to them “that something they deemed as ‘fun’ was actually disrespectful and not right in Sabah”.

Here is the video

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