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Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 was Intentionally Crashed –Suicide and Murder Incident

Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 pilot Zaharie Amad Shah intentionally crashed the airline. This is new info released by air safety experts.

Martin Dolan, who led a two-year search for the aircraft said, “This (crash) was planned, this was deliberate, and it was done over an extended period of time.” On March 8th, 2014 the Beijing-bound MH370 disappeared. The plane carried 239 passengers when it went missing.

The aircraft went off course and then crashed to the west side of Australia. It was thought that the aircraft went out of fuel thus it crashed. The search for the plane was stopped in 2017.

Fariq Abdul Hamid the first officer was piloting the aircraft with Zaharie. MH-370 was the first solo Boeing-777 flight of Hamid.

After the incident raids were conducted by authorities on the houses of the aircraft pilot and staff. The equipment found revealed that Zaharie used a flight simulator for execution of his plan.

Boeing-777 veteran Captain Simon Harvey said that the plane crash was “planned meticulously to make the aircraft disappear.” He also disclosed that “If you were commissioning me to make a 777 disappear, I would do exactly the same thing.”

A Canadian investigator Larry Vance believed that Zaharie wore an oxygen mask and then depressurized the cabin to make sure that every person on the plane got unconscious.

Adding, “He was killing himself; unfortunately, he was killing everybody else on board, and he did it deliberately.”

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So it seems that the incident was suicide plus murder.

No organization claimed responsibility for this incident so it can’t be called a terrorist act. As Mr. Dolan said, “ If this had been a terrorist event, it’s almost invariable that a terrorist organization will claim credit for the event. There was no such claim made.”

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  1. The loss of Flight MH370 may have had significant political connections. Aircraft Captain Shah had strong ties to former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, a Muslim Brotherhood follower. Capt Shah and Mr. Ibrahim, both from Penang Malaysia. Mr. Ibrahim had been jailed twice, both times on what were likely trumped up politically inspired charges. Capt Shah was reportedly “utterly frustrated” with the judicial vendetta against Mr Ibrahim who was jailed again just hours before MH 370 took off on its ill-fated flight.

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