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Malaysia Wishes to Import Halal Food from Pakistan

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The businessmen of Malaysia have shown interest to import halal food from Pakistan.

The CEO of Antahraya—Rosin AlRehman on Tuesday, while his visit to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) expressed the wish of Malaysian businessmen. He was leading a 6-member delegation of the Malaysian business community.

While speaking at the occasion, he said that the visit of the delegation is in accordance with the offer of the Prime Minister—Imran Khan to his Malaysian counterpart for looking into the business opportunities in Pakistan.

Rosin AlRehman added that the visit objective is to look around for opportunities in Pakistan for doing business collaborations in the various sectors of Pakistan which include Timber, Glass, SMEs, and Halal Food, etc.

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He expressed that both nations should do cooperation for exploring the areas that have not yet discovered.

He added that Halal Foods is a big market and currently Malaysia is importing Halal meat from non-Muslim nations which includes India. Rosin also said that they want to explore Halal meat from Pakistan which is also a brother Muslim nation. He mentioned that they have paid a visit to the various local food firms for possible collaborated projects in the Halal food sector.

Sectors like glass, tourism, timber and some more were discussed for mutual cooperation between the two Muslim countries for finding new avenues in near future.

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