Malaria Medicine Disappeared From Pakistani Market

Citizens say storekeepers have stocked up on drugs to sell at expensive prices like face masks.

It is also reported that drug inspectors at a pharmaceutical company have sealed malaria and arthritis drugs, probably to use them in government-administered cases when needed.

Zubair Memon, president of the wholesale medicine market on the disappearance of the malaria resuscitation tablet market, says that Resochin is manufactured by a German company in Pakistan, the company has received an export order but will first make it available in Pakistan.

Zubair Memon requested that the public does not take excessive medicines;

US drug authority approves a trial of a malaria drug on Corona patients. The Japanese medicine of the flu has exposed the coronavirus patients, claims China,

Government RemovesImport Duties And Taxes On Medical Items

In a news briefing yesterday, US President Donald Trump said chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were given to malaria and arthritis patients, though the FDA approved these drugs on coronary patients. ۔

President Trump also said that the White House eliminated the red tape barrier to treating the Coronavirus and preparing vaccines.

Corusvirus vaccine preparations released

Scientists around the world are making strenuous efforts to prepare for the deadly coronavirus vaccine. A few days ago, the US experiment with the Coronavirus vaccine was launched on humans.

In the past, experts in Australia and Israel have also claimed that they are close to developing the Coronavirus vaccine.

Last month, doctors in Thailand claimed that a 71-year-old Chinese woman suffering from corona was having an early breakthrough by combining herbal and HIV medicine. Doctors said that 48 hours after the drug was given many encouraging results and the result was negative.

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