Making laptops is not something that OnePlus is interested in doing right now


Nowadays smartphone companies offer multiple products besides smartphones. OnePlus is another company that is interested in making laptops and tablets. We have come across some insights about the future plans of the company for laptops and tablets. The information comes from the President and COO of the company who had a talk with Trusted Reviews recently.

The company is not interested in introducing a budget tablet anytime soon

Recently, OnePlus has introduced the OnePlus Pad. In this perspective, the executive was questioned about an affordable tablet, to which Kinder Liu replied by saying that the company is more focused on high-end products. However, the company is ready to give a chance to an affordable product if any such demand arises. Besides this, the Nord series from the company are budget devices. Liu further added that right now the company has introduced only one tablet. The company is moving forward slowly and gradually and of course, the company has various options for the future.

The company is not interested in making laptops

Regarding the laptops, the executive said that currently, this is not a plan for the company. Liu explained that OnePlus is primarily focusing on smartphones and tablets and we are less interested in PCs and laptops. He remarked that given the fast pace of tech evolution, the products that have relevancy in current times might become irrelevant in the next 5, 10, or 20 years.

OnePlus will launch its first foldable this year

In addition to all this, the company has an exciting product in the pipeline. The company is going to introduce its first foldable smartphone dubbed as OnePlus Fold or OnePlus V Fold by Q3 2023.