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Making Jokes on Celebrities’ Appearances is Not Cool, Says Asim Azhar

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Asim Azhar, who is a famous celebrity of Pakistan, who made his name and gained fame at a very young age because of his melodious voice. He recently took it to social media to call out all the trolls that are shaming the celebrities on their appearances.

On Tuesday, he tweeted that if people cannot take jokes on themselves they should not make them in the first place as celebrities are also humans.

He added that he finds it funny that it is taken as normal that any random person comes out of nowhere and makes a joke or mock a celebrity based on their physical appearance. However, if a celebrity hits back in defense then things go crazy.

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He further said that before making fun of anyone that includes the celebrity stars based on their physical appearances, please understand that it is the starting point of the problem.

On the other hand, Bushra Ansari has urged all Pakistanis to practice caution and to stay at their homes. She asked all to take coronavirus seriously.

The senior celebrity star is in Toronto, Canada, and is living with her daughter there. She got stuck in Toronto as the coronavirus pandemic started to expand after she traveled to Canada for some charity events.

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