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Make-up artist Nabila thinking to switch her Career


Nabila Hair guru and Make-up artist is thinking of a career change.

She posted on her Instagram saying that she is thinking to change her career and be a rickshaw driver. She says that being a rickshaw driver is more profitable at the current moment rather than being an owner of Salon.

Fashion Designer Asim Jofa and a good friend of Nabila commented on the post saying let’s do this together.

A few months back in March, the make-up artist closed her Salons all over the country in the wake of coronavirus. She even posted on her Instagram account which said that the ultimate importance is the safety of her team and her clients.

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Later on, in May, Nabila reopened her Salons. Many other salons of the country were reopened but all of them were shut down once again last week.

 As per the south deputy commissioner of Karachi, the home department ordered the closure of all the salons and spas in Karachi.

According to the commissioner, the visitors are at high risk of getting affected with coronavirus and spreading it. So, many salons were sealed including Nabila’s Salon in Clifton and Defence by the Civil Lines assistant commissioner.

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