Majority of HGOs Starts Conning Intending Pilgrims – Research Snipers

Majority of HGOs Starts Conning Intending Pilgrims

Some specific Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) have begun defrauding the intending pilgrims by asking them to pay three times more or even more higher packages than the government Hajj package even though the Ministry of Religious Affairs has not yet awarded the quota to HGOs.

Many different HGOs have launched Hajj packages starting from Rupees 5 lacs to Rupees 12 lacs which are two or even three times more than the government offered Hajj packages which are of Rupees 270,000 and Rupees 280,000 as informed by one of the intending Hajj pilgrims who want to perform Hajj this year under the government scheme but has been declared unsuccessful in the first round of Hajj balloting.

He informed that the HGOs have started the Hajj bookings much before time even without getting the formal quota from the Ministry. The HGOs have offered packages comprising of fourteen to twenty days and the pilgrims are being offered residences to the nearest building from the Harram Sharif.

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Another intending pilgrim informed that the packages for the economy class holders are being offered residences in Azizia. He added that the other Hajj packages are in the range of Rupees 450,000 and 550,000.

He said that some of the HGOs are providing packages ranging in between Rupees 7 lacs to Rupees 14 lacs. Similarly, the 22 days package is being offered for Rupees 750,000.

Another pilgrim informed that the 40 to 43 days packages are starting from Rupees 525,000.

One of the Ministry official, when contacted, said that the Ministry has updated the monitoring system for regulating the private package of Hajj Organisers (HGOs).

The monitoring section has been allotted with the tasks of keeping a proper record, to ensure scrutiny of the documents, ensuring proper research, development system and even to make sure the implementation of the current rules and SOPs.

The Ministry has also taken many steps to reduce the private Hajj packages, he added informing that each HGO is needed to submit five percent performance guarantee, while the new HGOs would have to submit ten percent guarantee to the ministry before Hajj.

The guarantee amount would be returned once the Hajj is completed owing to the satisfactory performance and on receiving no-complaints from the private Hujjaj.

Each HGO is to sign an agreement with the individual Hajj pilgrims relating the facilities being offered in the package.

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