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Major Cut in the Prices of Fresh Products

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There has been a major cut in the prices of fresh products which include milk. chicken and vegetables owing to the shut down of hotels as the lockdown continue in the various provinces of the country.

Many hotels and tea stalls that were operting their businesses prior to the lockdown imposition consumes millions of litres of milk on a per day-basis.

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In the same way, thousands of kilogrammes of chicken used to be supplied to the hotels, fast food shops and restaurants throughout the district.

Presently, almost all of these are not operational, hence there is an ample supply of these eatables.

Milk, which as per a milk supplier used to be supplied in greater quatity on a per day basis to a hotel before the lockdown has also slumped majorly.

He said that as the hotels are closed now so it is very difficult to manage the ample quantities of milk. He also informed that he is selling at a milk prices of Rs.70 per litre to the public in order to prevent its waste.

The price of chicken and vegetables have also dropped significantly. As per the suppliers of these items the prices have reduced majorly as the consumption rate has decreased across the country amid the lockdown conditions.

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