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Major Crackdown Against Sugar Mafia And Hoarders

Ban Sugar Exports

The Federal government has started another major operation against sugar hoarders, in which 500 tonnes of sugar was seized at Punjab border.

According to details, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister on food prices and stockpiling in which the Prime Minister said that strict action should be taken against the Sugar Mafia, stockists, and hoarders, ARY News Reported.

Sources said that the participants were apprised of the action taken against the sugar hoarders. The participants were informed that two sugar mills in Punjab had extracted an unusual quantity of sugar from the factory in July and 500 tonnes of sugar was seized at the Punjab border. ۔

According to sources, on the directive of the Prime Minister, the Special Unit took action against the culprits. Due to the roundup in Punjab, the sugar was to be shifted to Sindh and stored.

Sources said that the companies involved in the Chinese transfer were JDW and Ittefaq Sugar Mills while the Prime Minister has directed strict action against those responsible. The government, on the other hand, is also dealing with flour prices and its supply in the country, today it was reported that the government is fighting on the fronts including Sugar prices and flour prices that are being manipulated by these culprits.

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