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Major Airports of the Country are Getting Modern Deluxe Lounges

Modern Deluxe Lounges

The major airports of Pakistan are getting the modern deluxe lounges along with many more benefits and perks for the premium flyers at the Majestic lounge.

The services have been offered to the international flyers at the airports of Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi, while the lounge is accessible to the local destination travellers from Lahore and Karachi. Another service of Fast Track immigration and security is also being offered at the Jinnah International Airport of Karachi.

Among other benefits, the Majestic Lounge also offers a special cigar lounge, luxurious seating, high-quality food service offered by the top eateries, flight information and services, a collection of hot and cold beverages, high-speed Wi-Fi, mobile phone charging facilities and many other modern perks.

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The CEO Outdoor, Khurram Zafar while sharing his thoughts regarding this expansion said that they are pleased to be able to expand their services for the flyers throughout the major cities of Pakistan. The Majestic Lounge was formed keeping in mind the elite flyers of Pakistan, and that they now look forward to the same for the airports of Lahore and Islamabad. He further mentioned that the best services in every aspect are ensured for the guests that visit their lounge, hence, offering the perfect start to the journey ahead.

The Fast Track services are an excellect chance for making the most of an individual’s time at the airport, as these consists of hand baggage trolleys on request, a welcoming drink as complement and porter services, along with free golf cart services on request and a designated one-to-one service.

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