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Mahira Khan Admits She is in Love

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan, a famous name of Pakistan’s showbiz industry who is loved and admired by many has recently admitted that she is in love with someone.

During a live session with the legendary Samina Pirzada on social media amid the coronavirus lockdown, Mahira Khan when inquired if she is in love with someone, the actress responded with a smile and sheepishly said that she think she is.

When Samina Pirzada asked her if she knows him, to that the Bin Roye actress replied that may be Samina knows him but he does not belong to the showbiz industry.

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The starlet also talked about the quality time she is spending with his 10 year old son, Azlan in self-isolation. She said that they watch the sunrise together and that they also watch movies.

Mahira Khan also shared that she has not been much productive duirng the quarantine days but this is a great time for her to self-reflect. She also said that she is a workaholic and now that her work life kind of on a halt, she is trying to combat her inner demons while being at home.

She further added that she misses her grandmother and her friends.

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