Madhav Sheth announces his exit from Realme

One of the executives of Realme is bidding farewell to the company. As per the recent pieces of information, Madhav Sheth is leaving the company after serving for a time period five years. Madhav has served as CEO of Realme India for about three years i.e., from 2018 to 2021. Later on, he served as Realme VP and President of the Realme International Business Group.

The executive has summarized the achievements of the company in India during his tenancy. The executive shared this information in a Tweet. Furthermore, he gave the public an idea about his new position in the country’s export business. Besides this, the executive shared that he will continue to provide his support to Realme as a strategic advisor. He will continue to give his insights regarding the development strategy, market strategies, and product observations of the company.

On June 14, Madhav shared his views regarding his departure on Twitter. The official wrote that Goodbyes can be scary and hard. He bid farewell to the company however, he showed his strong will for the company by saying ‘Our paths may cross again.’ He emphasized the importance of his personal growth by quoting the words ‘building a better and bigger me.’

Realme’s response to Madhav’s departure

The company has also shared its views on the departure of Madhav. Realme extended its gratitude to Madhav for his contributions and dedication to the company. The company acknowledged the achievements made during his tenure. The company emphasized that under his leadership, the company has witnessed immense growth as a smartphone brand. Side by side the company assured the users and general public that the operations of the company will continue seamlessly. The company assured that it will continue its hard work and efforts for providing its consumers with great products and services worldwide. The stance of the company was shared by a spokesperson of the Realme.