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M-Tag Facility—All You Need to Know

Currently, the motorway is indeed one of the best routes in Pakistan. Every year millions of commuters use it. The authorities try maintaining the motorway to the best of their abilities so that the commuters using it might not face any difficulty or some awkward issue. Now the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has introduced an all-new M-Tag facility and has replaced the old E-Tag option which was being controlled by the NADRA in a bid to provide relief to the users of the M-2 (Lahore-Islamabad motorway).

M-Tag is a pre-paid RFID chip which is placed on the windscreen of the automobiles, and when the automobile comes in close proximity to the toll plaza the scanner installed at the toll plaza would then automatically scan the balance in it and the location of the entry, and when the exit is taken, it deducts the respective amount automatically—which means that there is no need to wait in long lines for submitting the toll tax. The same system is being practised in other nations like the United Arab Emirates.

The public and good transportation automobiles now have to get their M-Tag necessarily by the 31st of March 2018 otherwise they would not be permitted to enter the motorway.

Moreover, the private car owners would get a rupee three hundred balance in their M-Tag if they choose to get the tag before the 31st of March 2018.

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Moreover, after every 5000 kilometres, the car runs on the motorway routes Rs. 500 would be recharged to their M-Tag.

No deadline has been set for the private car owners by the authority, they could get the tag whenever they desire.

It is essential to mention that one could charge its M-Tag to any amount they want, as per the requirement. The balance is provided with no expiry the amount would only be deduced when the route is used.

How to Apply for the M-Tag

  • At the Ravi or Babu Sabu toll plaza, there is an office for the issuance of M-Tag

Required Documents:

  1. Original NIC
  2. Phone Number
  3. Vehicle Registration Number
  • Pay the desired amount at the office to charge M-Tag
  • Vehicle number plate should be there (vehicles without number plates or applied for should not be getting the M-Tag
  • All E-Tag fines must be paid

Recharging the M-Tag

  • The transfer amount for recharging the M-Tag is easy. It could be transferred via the bank account, or via easy paisa, jazz cash at big outlets like Hyperstar and Metro, etc.
  • Balance has no expiry date
  • FWO has also got a motorway app from where the balance could be checked.

Benefits of M-Tag

  • No more long queues for paying the toll tax
  • e-challan would be deducted from the M-Tag balance
  • Toll transaction notification
  • Speed limits and lane violation alerts
  • Motorway operational notifications
  • Weather alerts
  • Multiple recharge options for the M-Tag
  • Various lanes for the M-Tag users.

The chip could be replaced free of cost if damaged. The M-Tag only applies on the motorway, but soon the same facility would be available for the Lahore Ring Road.

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