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Lyari Girls Café Extended Support by German Consulate

Lyari Girls Café

The Lyari Girls Café has been shown support by the German Consulate. The support has been extended to the café by gifting them with 16 cycles. The cycles were an indication of support from the German government for the young cyclists of Lyari.

Zulekha Dawood—a young activist and the head of the girl cyclists in Lyari told that the Consulate had been motivating the Lyari Girls Café with moral support for the last year. The cycles were taken as a welcome gift as the club was in an essential need for them. She informed that the number of cyclists has been increasing however they have got just 10 cycles.

Birgit Khilmann—the Deputy Head of Mission at the German Consulate, officially gave the cycles and spent some time with the Lyari cyclists. Khilmann expressed joy at seeing the Lyari girls riding their cycles without any fear. It was further added that German Consulate often motivates such healthy activities.

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While conversing with the media, Dawood said that the female cyclists have not just motivated other girls and women to cycle around freely on the streets but have also managed to encourage boys for using cycles as a mode of transportation. She indicated that the streets of the city were not always favourable for the activity.

She said that there is no space for cycling activity. She added that the town planners must take into consideration the spaces for cyclists in their future planning as the number of cyclists is increasing with every passing day. She expressed hope that soon the motorcyclists would be replaced by the cyclists.

Cycling for the girls of Lyari is not easy as the streets of Lyari are highly populated with men, these girls faced severe backlash which included harassment and threats.

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