Lupin Becomes the Most Popular French Series on Netflix


Netflix’s original series named Lupin produced by Gaumont, created by George Kay in association with François Uzan recently became the most popular French series on Netflix since its initial release which happened just a week ago on January 8th.

The series features Omar Sy as a central character who has done previous roles in The Intouchables, Jurassic World, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Lupin has entered Netflix’s Top 10 Shows in most countries around the world, including Pakistan where the series stands on No. 1.

According to the details, Lupin became the first French series to enter the Top 10 list in the US, at number 8, quickly rising up to No.1 over the weekend. Lupin now seems to be fighting with Bridgerton for the first place in the U.S, the U.K., and Australia.

Fans and celebrities instantly took it to Twitter to appreciate the series with its witty yet electrifying take on Arsène Lupin. American actor named Sharone Stone tweeted: LUPIN another great Omar Sy project on Netflix. Thumbs up.

Another tweeted: I am so enjoying the new Netflix series, Lupin, based on the classic French gentleman thief novels about Arsene Lupin. It’s a bit unbelievable in places but there’s a terrific jewel robbery scene set in the Louvre. What’s not to like.

Moreover, Nathalie Emanuel British actor, commonly known as Missandei from Game of Thrones also tweeted; Okay absolutely loving Lupin on Netflix.

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