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Lunda Bazaars Business Thrives with Winter

As the season of winter is seen to be in full bloom across the nation so is the shopping of warmer clothes increasing to meet the seasonal demands.

Many people from low-income groups rely mostly on the Lunda Bazaars for the purchase of warm used clothes and woollies.

These Lunda Bazaars assist the less-privileged class to get their hands on imported second-hand stuff in reasonable prices and quality good enough to combat the harshness of the winter weather.

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All kinds of stuff ranging from wearable to other accessories all are available in these bazaars ranging from woollen hats to gloves, mufflers, sweater-shirts, pullovers, hoodies, socks and jackets. All the offerings are seen hanging in front of the stalls and shops located in various areas for customer attraction.

Tons of people belonging to both poor and middle class are seen bargaining besides these stalls or shops in weekly bazaars and markets, respectively.

Apart from the wearables—blankets, quilt covers, bed sheets, rugs are also displayed for sale.

Chilly weather and especially the decrease in temperature experienced last week persuaded the people towards buying the warm clothes and accessories to safeguard themselves against the weather.

One of the visitors to these bazaars said that this year the prices have been raised by almost twenty to fifty percent than last year.

The retailers and vendors are doing abrupt and impatient kind of business as presently the demand for their second-hand wearables business has seen a hike extensively.

To help the less-privileged people for protecting against winter many organizations also launches welfare services and donations like the recently launched campaign by Careem—Share a Layer.

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