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LUMS changes its University name to LUMSU


The private educational institute Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has changed its name to Lahore University of Management Sciences University (LUMSU). LUMSU will be a new acronym for LUMS.

An email was sent to the students and the faculty by the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Arshad Ahmad said that “the step had been taken as the varsity has evolved from a management school to a comprehensive university offering over 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its schools of business, humanities, and social sciences, science and engineering, law and education”.

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The management felt that the email went on to read that the “disciplinary growth and its comprehensive status is better captured by LUMS University”.

LUMSU has become the top trend on Twitter as LUMS graduates are not happy with the change of name.

A Twitterati wrote, ” Slept as LUMS student, woke up as LUMSU one.”

Another person tweeted, ” Make it Lahore University of Management Sciences University in Lahore just so there is no room for confusion.

And the tweets go on. “LUMSU? Sounds like A nickname for a teenager who’ll do nothing in life.”

Also, another Twitterati wrote, ” ‘Lahore University of Management Sciences’ RENAMED to ‘Lahore University of Management Sciences University’, and people think 2020 will be productive. From LUMS to LUMSU.”

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Those not in LUMS tweeted, ” Been reading about LUMSU, thank God I’m in FCC-U.”

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