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Lower Court Judge Resigned After “Humiliation” by the CJP

Three days following the rage of Mian Saqib Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan against the Larkana Additional District and Session Judge—Gul Zameer Solangi for using a mobile phone in the courtroom, Solangi resigned on Tuesday.

As per a letter submitted to the Sindh High Court (SHC) registrar, Solangi said that he has resigned owing to the humiliation he faced at the hands of the apex court judge during proceedings in his court which were extensively telecasted in the electronic, social and print media.

Solangi had been serving on the post since March 2017. He added that he would be unable to continue serving as a judge after he went through deep torture and injury to his self-respect and dignity.

He requested for an immediate acceptance of his resignation letter.

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Justice Nisar on Saturday picked and threw the cell phone of the sessions judge after rebuking him for using the device during the court proceedings. The incident occurred during the Chief Justice’s unannounced visit to the lower courts in Larkana for observing their proceedings.

During the CJP’s visit to the city court-III, Justice Nisar took hold of the session court’s judge’s mobile phone and tossed it on his table. He then asked the judge regarding the cases he had heard since morning. To this, the judge responded that he had heard three cases since morning. Upon which the Justice, Nisar shot back that how could the provision of justice be ensured when the judicial proceedings are so slow.

He added that where are Sindh and Pakistan headed? And what is being done to resolve the cases of the missing persons? He concluded by saying that finish all these cases speedily.

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