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Love Marriage Rate Surged More Than 100pc in Islamabad

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While the trend of love marriage is proving unsuccessful throughout the world, surprisingly the rate of love marriage in Pakistan is increasing by more than 100pc.

As per the public figures, the love marriage rate in Islamabad went up by more than 100pc in the previous year that is 2018.

The figure reveals that 300 kidnapping cases had been brought to the notice of the police which involved mostly young girls. In most of these kidnapping cases—250 cases to be exact the girls went away with their lovers to tie the knot legally against the wishes of their family.

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The 300 kidnapping cases were reported and registered at 22 police stations of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), according to the data of police.

Back in the year 2017, as many as 110 such cases were reported, out of which less than half turned out to be the cases of love marriages.

Besides the 250 cases of escape, the remaining cases for sure involved kidnapping where the girls had been abducted using threats, blackmail or force for refusing marriage proposals.

As per the police sources, in 99pc of these types of cases, the girls prefer not to press charges against the suspects for a lot of reasons, majorly family honour and societal pressure. And owing to this reason even refuses to reveal their parents’ name.

Regarding the rise in the voluntary of love marriages, a senior police officer accused the parents for not keeping enough check on the activities of their children. The officer on the condition of anonymity said that the rash use of social media was also giving young boys and girls negative encouragement to have their own way.

He added that most of the parents are occupied in their life and do not spend much time with their children to learn about their problems. Because of this their children keep their love affairs a secret and by the time parents realize or learn about the love affair it is already too late.

The police officer advised parents to spend more time with their children in order to gain the confidence of their children.

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