Lord of the Rings series Record, Amazon fights review Influx

Last week, the rings of power started the most expensive series of all time, and with the criticism and the public that she also arrived very well, with good reviews and numbers. Critics and user reviews don’t mix. For good reason. Since the announcement of the Lord of the Rings:

In the Rings of Power, it has been discussed whether the loose would be based on Tolkien-Fabric series in the sense of the inventor of modern fantasy. Since last Friday, you’ve also been able to convince yourself how shipping and media giant Amazon interprets the story set long before that of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

Interest in the series, which cost about a billion dollars (here’s already the second season here), was also huge, as more than 25 million people watched the series on its first day, according to Amazon alone: ​​”The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power drew more than 25 million viewers worldwide on its first day, breaking all previous records and celebrating the biggest premiere in Prime Video history.”

Critics celebrate the series, users punish them

The first two episodes shown before the debut were mostly criticized. This is how the master of the rings comes: the rings of power Rotten tomatoes On a (professional) critic an average of 84 percent positive reviews metacritic If you reach a rating of 71. At the same time, the series also has a user who can no longer be, on rotten tomatoes it is 39 percent, with metacritical only 2.4 points (out of ten maximum possible).

At first glance, this is surprising but easy to explain: there’s a so-branded bombing review. Because some are bothered by the supposedly “awakened” and different casts, ie the fact that elves and other fantasy esse are not all white.

And these users always organize themselves when it comes to pressing the reviews. Amazon itself has already responded: because you introduced a 72-hour review slot for your own page or prime video. This measure goes back to a league of its own, ie the series implementation of the women’s baseball film, a class of 1992.

How Variety reported that this blocking period has been largely unnoticed until now, but has now been noticed by many over the course of the new Lord of the Rings series and has also been confirmed by the company. Amazon also wants to research reviews more precisely, you want to find organized trolls and bots.